The Japanese way to wrap presents – so straightforward everyone can learn it!

Christmas season is fast approaching, and after a shopping sprees for gifts you might ask yourself how to make them the most presentable.

Gifts are the most exciting if they come wrapped in beautifully decorated paper. Some of us love wrapping gifts, while others don’t have the patience to cover every single little corner neatly, so they choose to hand them in gift bags instead.

The good news is that the Japanese technique presented in the video below can be learned so easily and it is so straightforward that you may enjoy applying it even if you’re the impatient type.

First of all, measure the size of the gift and cut the wrapping paper to the proper size. Of course it makes the most sense to place the gift into a box, because it will be much easier to wrap a box then an object with a complicated shape. Start wrapping at the corners and fasten the paper with transparent tape. Simple, isn’t it?

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