The incredible health effects of afternoon naps

In some parts of the world, such as India and Spain, it is a widespread habit for people to sleep in the afternoon.

The incredible health effects of afternoon naps

According to a recent survey, people who have afternoon naps at least three times a week are 37% less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease. Afternoon sleep has a good effect on the heart and the hormonal balance, improves the functioning of cells and increases concentration.

It is best to sleep for no longer than half an hour in the afternoon.

Positive effects of afternoon naps

1. In an experiment involving pilots, experts have come to the conclusion that afternoon sleep reduces the error rate at work.

2. It also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and stress levels.

3. The right hemisphere of the brain will become more active, and creativity will increase as a result.

4. After a nap, one wakes up as if it were the start of a whole new day, and will be much more relaxed and efficient.

5. An afternoon nap increases efficiency and we do a lot better at work.

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