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The health benefits of grapefruit and honey

Grapefruit contains a lot of antioxidants, thanks to its rich vitamin content. This citrus fruits has a high amount of vitamins A, B, C and D, and it also has a considerable amount of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper and iron.

The health benefits of grapefruit and honey
Photo: darwin Bell/Flickr.com

You can make a miracle drink from this fruit that, besides protecting your health, will make you slimmer as well.

Here’s the recipe, for which all you need is a large ripe grapefruit and a tablespoon of organic honey.


Wash the grapefruit and cut it in halves. Scoop out the flesh and placed it in a mixer. Add the honey and blend the two ingredients well.

One of the most effective ingredients in this mixture is pectin, an excellent detoxifier, which removes heavy metals from the body. Besides, it also reduces cholesterol level and harmful triglycerides and regulates digestion.

The other miracle ingredient is lycopene, a substance that belongs to the family of carotenoids. This substance has antioxidant properties, and it provides the color of the grapefruit. Lycopene also has detoxifying effect.

Drink some of the mixture 20 minutes after each meal to burn about half of your calorie intake. This drink has proven to be effective in treating cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. It is also recommended to treat colds and flu, as well as in the prevention of cancer.


Persons who take antidepressants mustn’t drink grapefruit juice.