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The health benefits of 1000 additional steps a day

Just an extra 1000 steps a day can help burn fat faster, according to a study.

An extra 1000 steps a day definitely doesn’t sound like a lot, right? Especially when you are doing it for your health. According to a recent study, even an extra 1000 steps a day can help you burn fat.

Participants in the study were monitored for changes in their bodies over 6 to 24 months. The subjects, who were mostly women, had an average age of 50 +/- 10 years and a body mass index of around 33 BMI, so a significant proportion of them were in the first obesity category.

The subjects wore pedometers, which showed that they took an average of 6644 steps per day. At the end of the experiment, it was found that there was a strong correlation between body fat percentage, body weight, waist circumference and fat distribution.

Scientists have found that an increase of only 1000 steps per day (compared to baseline step counts) is associated with significant weight loss. They also found that abdominal fat loss, a change in the mass of subcutaneous fat tissue, was also associated with an increase in steps, and that waist circumference was significantly reduced in those who took more steps per day.

This was the first study of its kind

However, the experts pointed out that this was the first study to be carried out with a pedometer, so further trials will be needed to draw conclusive conclusions. Nevertheless, the results are very encouraging, as even a slight increase in physical activity can have a significant impact on weight loss, body composition and fat distribution.