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The groom makes a mistake during the oath and the bride can’t stop laughing

The moments when a newlywed couple utter their wedding vows in a religious ceremony has a special emotional value for both those in front of the priest, and for all the people in waiting. But when, after many repetitions, the couples think that everything will go perfectly, funny moments can happen that will remain in the memory of everybody present.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

Andrew and Melissa were ready for their marriage vows after having rehearsed many times. Both were excited, their eyes shining with joy, and the guests were waiting breathlessly for the uplifting moment.

In the video, the minister tells the groom what he has to repeat after him. After some hesitation, Andrew manages to identify the bride’s finger onto which he is supposed to put the ring, and then he has to look into Melissa’s eyes and repeat the words spoken by the minister. Here comes the fun part of the ceremony, as Andrew, filled with emotion, instead of saying “wife” utters the word “waffle”.

The bride bursts into laughter, terribly amused at hearing this word, especially as the groom adds the name of another culinary preparation in the same category – “pancake”.

This funny moment lasted for a while, because the bride couldn’t stop laughing, and the ceremony became so cheerful, that the guests probably kept a good mood all day.

What seemed at first a solemn event has turned into a joyful moment, which the two they will remember for life.