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The greatest mistakes you can commit on a first date

The first date brings a lot of excitement, since the person you meet may be someone you barely know, and yet you hope that this date becomes the beginning of a great experience. Not many people can remain their normal selves in such an exciting and nerve-inducing situation. However, no matter how smitten you are, it is in your best interest to keep your cool and avoid the following blunders so many people make on a first date.

Being late

Even arriving 5 minutes late is not acceptable on a first date. Be very punctual – it is better to arrive a bit earlier than later. If you are late, your partner may think that you are not really interested, and your date will start with more added stress.

Dressing inappropriately

Always try to dress for the occasion and place. You might want to discuss the dress code with your date partner beforehand, so neither of you turns up over- or underdressed.

Religious or political conversation

Neither of the topics is suitable for a first date. If you fall into the trap of discussing heavy and controversial topics that may create arguments, you will leave little room for the growth of personal connection and attraction.

The greatest mistakes you can commit on a first date

Don’t take a friend along

Yes, we all know that the first date is scary, but never make the mistake of taking a friend with you and pretending it is a coincidence. If you are very scared or unsure of yourself or the other person, you two may not have the necessary connection.

Don’t consume too much alcohol on the first date

Many people are trying to loosen up by consuming alcohol, but they certainly don’t get bonus points for being tipsy on the first date. Do not drown your uncertainties in alcohol – sooner or later they will be revealed anyway.

Don’t stare at your phone

There is no worse date than when one of the parties stares at his or her phone. On the one hand, this shows great disrespect, and on the other hand it is embarrassing and humiliating for the other person. But if you find yourself in such situation, at least you learn in time that your dating partner is not the right person for you.