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The easiest way to detect Alzheimer’s disease

The methods used in medical science for detecting illnesses are diverse, but not all of them are very complicated. Sometimes you can find out some very certain results using simple tricks. Some specialists from a university in the US have discovered the simplest method possible to detect the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

The easiest way to detect Alzheimer’s disease
Photo: UFHealth/Capture YouTube

A specialist started to measure the capacity of various patients to sense smells. He took a ruler and filled a small recipient with peanut butter, and then started to check how many centimeters away he had to hold the recipient from the patient’s nose so he or she could still smell it.

The scientist noticed a very interesting fact while performing the experiment. Those patients who suffered from Alzheimer’s or another disease which causes dementia at an early stage, could sense the smell better with their right nostril than with the left one.

The specialist says that the smell should be normally sensed from a 20 cm distance, and this was true when these patients a smelled with their right nostril. At the same time, when their right nostril was covered, they were able to detect the smell from only as close as 10 cm.

This method is very interesting and practical and, as it is clear, there’s no need for any complicated procedure to get to a conclusion.