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The craziest ideas for sledding – a must-watch compilation!

Winter is the season that can be endless fun. For many of us, sledding is the preferred source of amusement of the snowy season. It is true that sometimes these unique experiences end with a few injuries, but the beauty of these moments makes up for everything.

The craziest ideas for sledding – a must-watch compilation!
Photo: Capture YouTube

A sled can be improvised very easily, but sliding down on a hill can be a really big problem. Why? For the simple fact that it is often unpredictable which way the sled will go, we may bump into various obstacles that inevitably come in our way. The impact with a tree, for example, is not a very happy moment.

The funniest situations are those when we land in a dumpster or in a plastic vat, or when we crash into others and go down all in a heap. For toboggan acrobats, bumps of snow represent the obstacles that propel them through the air, sled and all. Then, sometimes a sled is not strong enough for the purpose it was made for, and at one point it falls into pieces under the strain. It seems that even Santa Claus can get an impressive fall when riding on his sleigh full of gifts.

Some of us, a little eccentric, may try sledding from the roof or in a kayak – but the end result doesn’t seem to be happy at all. But regardless, we mustn’t forget that our pets also love being outdoors in all seasons; therefore they may like tobogganing too. The recordings speak for themselves!