The confidence and vitality of this homeless woman were given back! Take a look at her transformation!

The woman in the video is called Susan. She hasn’t had an easy life, as she has been rising six children and her boyfriend caused her so much trouble that she had to flee from him. Susan and her six children eventually found refuge in a single parents’ home.

She almost lost everything, and she was so tormented that she almost forgot how to smile. Laughter has not been part of Susan’s life anyway, as her teeth were badly damaged, and she was ashamed even to talk to people. However, thanks to an enthusiastic dentist, Susan’s smile is now beautiful again.

In this video, we get to know Susan’s story, and we can see her touching reaction when she first sees herself in the mirror, and admires her brand new smile. But this is not all: we can also see a brand new Susan, changed from head to toe as a result of a total makeover. Her appearance leaves everyone speechless, and she herself can hardly express her feelings.

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