The best way to slice a watermelon – we all did it wrong until now

Whether it’s summer or not, we could never refuse a slice of sweet and juicy watermelon. But, what do we do when we are in a hurry and want to have that slice on our plate as fast as possible? We use our imagination and skills to enjoy that special taste in the most efficient way.

Photo: Capture YouTube

Photo: Capture YouTube

First, grab the pre-chilled melon and cut it in two equal halves. You need a long-blade, sharp knife, which can reach to the very middle of the watermelon.

Second, cut slices from one slide to the other, after which separate the red flesh and cur it up into cubes of the desired size.

How to enjoy this delicious treat? Nothing simpler, just pour the cubes into a bag or a deep dish, and this way you won’t lose a single drop of the sweet juice, which would be lost if you cut slices on a plate.

NOTE: The old video was deleted from YouTube, so we put an another, but the same trick.

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