The best method to remove animal hair from your home. Everybody who has pets needs to know this trick!

Everybody who has pets needs to know this trick.

I love pets, but I’m allergic to animal hair. I have two wonderful cats, but it is a major inconvenience that every nook and corner of my house becomes full of hair in the spring, when they shed a lot.

I tried all kinds of solutions to get rid of hair such as adhesive strips, wet paper towels and vacuuming, but nothing really helped. Adhesive paper rolls work very well on clothes, but if you try to remove hear from sofas, you will find it a nearly impossible business.

However, recently I discovered a very simple method that seems to work perfectly on every surface. In fact, with its aid you can remove hair from textiles in just a few moments.

Use a thick rubber glove that has a small brush on the palm area. Dry rubber removes even the smallest pieces of hair from textile, and within a few minutes your sofa will look like new.

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