The best babysitter ever – Beagel never had to be taught how to love baby

Many mothers of young children become uneasy when they meet a family where a dog and a child grow up together, happily running around and playing with each other all the time. If the dog licks the child’s toys or hands, some mothers start feeling even more uncomfortable.  


In the video below you can witness the inseparable friendship of a beagle and a cute little girl. The dog behaves as if he was the babysitter – not only he plays with the girl, but he also takes care of her.

They practically spend every minute of a day together. They eat, play, run about and jump together. Sometimes they even read together: the child is looking at a picture book and the dog is sitting beside her, propping her up when she is about to fall over.

Charlie is a model-dog; he is very self-possessed and he guards the little one eagerly when she is sleeping. In fact, every parent dreams about such a babysitter, who is faultlessly reliable, caring and playful.

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