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The 5 benefits of castor oil you should know about it

Castor oil is a pale yellow oil pressed from the beans of the ricin plant. The oil has a very distinctive smell, taste and texture, and it is built up mostly of a fatty acid called rinoleic acid.

The 5 benefits of castor oil you should know about it

Similarly to coconut oil, castor oil has very good hydrating properties, and has recently become a major trend in beauty care.

What are the most useful properties of castor oil?

Applied externally, castor oil helps to maintain the hydration of almost every part of the body.

How to apply castor oil in beauty care

1. Eyebrows and eyelashes

Using a cotton swab, apply castor oil once a day to your eyebrows and eyelashes. You may also fill an empty mascara bottle with oil if you find it more convenient. Castor oil makes eyelashes and eyebrows stronger and denser.

2. Bright and healthy hair

Apply castor oil on your hair twice a week to prevent splitting and preserve the brightness and strength of your hair.

3. Tame frizzy hair

You can make your hair smoother by applying a few drop of castor oil.

4. Moisturizing the skin

If the skin on your knees, elbows and heels is very dry, apply castor oil overnight. The results will be spectacular even after the first application.

5. Soften the nail beds

Apply little castor oil regularly on the nail beds to nourish and soften them.