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The 10 kinds of girlfriends you will have over a lifetime

While you are still in elementary school and you sit by your best friend, you can’t even imagine your life otherwise. However, a few years later, things will change. Geographical distance, lack of free time, guys, family – you name it – will alienate you from each other; if, by chance, you remain friends, the nature of your friendship will be likely to change. ‘Have you heard that she has just had a baby?’ ‘What? A second one already?’

Source: toonpool.com
Source: toonpool.com

1.  The first girlfriend can only be compared to the first love. We feel that we will remain friends for a lifetime, and nothing will separate us. By great big luck, sometimes it will happen so.

2.  The high school girl gang – this is the time when girls go to the restroom together, and those inseparable fours or fives develop, with some rivalry for a little extra tang. And then, these friendships are blown into the wind after graduation.

3.  The party friend – you become close because you party together often. But then, if one of you ends up in a serious relationship, distance grows between you; usually nobody gets hurt, though.

4. The meanie – it all started so well; you had lots of time for each other as long as you lived close and your situation in life was similar. But, ever since you don’t meet so often, gossip gets back to you all the time: you have become your boyfriend’s doormat, you are boring, you have become arrogant since you earn more etc.

5. The monopoliser – she expects you to take her EVERYWHERE with you and she wants to know EVERYTHING about you. You must be her best friend by obligation, which may actually feel nice for a while, but it becomes insupportable on long term.

6. The reliable one – you can always depend on her; she picks up her phone even in the middle of the night and she supports you in any situation. She not only parties with you but she also helps you move, and she is willing to have a drink with you whether you’re happy or down in the dumps. And she will be around for many years to come.

7. The hobby friend – you are close because you are passionate about the same thing. You may go to yoga classes together; you may walk your dogs together, having nice gossip sessions in the meantime; you may hike or travel together, or you may simply go to the cinema together. Isn’t it lovely that there’s someone who accompanies you in what you enjoy?

8. The ally – you have met accidentally, and you came close temporarily because of being in the same situation. You may commute together or you may work at the same office where you both hate the boss. Also, you may both be in a long distance relationship, and it’s nice to talk about it from time to time.

9. The fellow-mother girlfriend – you know her from the playground or from your child’s kindergarten. What luck that you have become mothers at about the same time! You learn about your children together, and you share your experiences, complain and give advice as needed. A great advantage of such a friendship is that your girlfriends without kids don’t have to listen to your problems related to breastfeeding.

10. The true friendships – there are the friendships that become so strong over the years that no new circumstances can dissolve them. One of you may move far away, and there may be entire years when you talk to each other once in two weeks. However, despite of all, you always pick up the conversation from where you left it last time. A perfect sincerity and openness remains, and you never stop enjoying the friendship. Ever.