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Ten things you should never say these to a depressed person

There are more and more depressed people around the world. According to surveys, nearly 300 million people are suffering from depression, 80% of whom are not receiving any specialized care. The general perception is that depression can be overcome, it just takes a little strength. Many people mistakenly think that depression is just a passing whim.

If you want to help a depressed friend, never say the following sentences.

1. Stop exaggerating!

Before you say this, try to put yourself in your friend’s shoes. You should rather remind him or her that all their problems have been resolved so far, and this will be no different in the future either.

2. Calm down!

Depression is an illness in which you can’t control your feelings. Do you think that just because you ask, they will calm down? Instead of saying this, you should call your friend to the park or do some relaxing activity together.

3. Forget it!

This is not a solution to a mental problem, as it will not disappear. You should rather say, “I’m sorry you’re going through this. Let’s work on the problem together.”

4. Everything will be ok!

This won’t help people who can’t find their peace of mind and don’t see a solution to their problems. Help them find a solution!

5. You aren’t the only one!

This is a very common phrase to try to convince a depressed person that others suffer too. However, it doesn’t help! Figure out together what can be the solution to your friend’s problems.

Ten things you should never say these to a depressed person
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6. Others feel much worse!

You won’t help your friend get rid of depression if you tell that others feel much worse. In fact, you will only make the situation worse, as your friend may feel that his or her problem is not too important to you.

7. Just accept it!

Probably your friend has already accepted his or her state, and often uses alcohol or some medication. Offer your help instead!

8. Have some company or exercise!

Exercise really helps, but don’t forget that for a depressed person it is difficult to move and to leave his or her home. Go together for a walk or a slow jogging, so your friend can take courage and start exercising alone.

9. You’re strong, you’ll get over it!

This is a statement that makes the other person to feel that they are left alone with their problems. Offer your help instead.

10. Don’t complain, everyone has problems!

By saying this, we seem to imply that he or she has a very weak personality. It is better to listen and show respect, instead of expressing any opinion.