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Ten habits of the world’s richest people

There is a secret every rich person knows – a very important secret, as it is the very reason why they are rich. This great secret can be summarized in Aristotle’s words: “We are what we do repeatedly; as a consequence, excellence is not an act, but rather a habit.”

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

Many rich people have gone through a long, often painful process to develop rich people’s habits; if you decide to follow them, you can become prosperous, too. Let’s examine 10 habits of the world’s richest people.

1. They establish goals

Rich people always establish goals in order to become rich. They are very determined; they don’t become rich by accident. The simple act of setting objectives gives satisfaction, as it helps you see and feel the money you want to have before you actually own it.

2. They focus on a single thing at a time

A laser cutter can cut many hard objects – in fact, it can cut almost any hard object – because of this unusual attribute to focus all of its power on a single point of the object until it is melted. Rich people are like a laser cutter. They establish huge objectives, but they remain focused on a single detail, directing all their efforts and activities until they reach a given goal. On the other hand, everyday people don’t focus; instead, they tend to get involved in anything that comes their way and they accept anything that life offers them. If you want to become rich, concentrate on an objective and remain focused onto it.

3. They know that time is money

Brian Tracy declared that rich people think about how much they earn per hour, instead of how much they earn per month or in a year. Because they focus on daily earnings, every time they spend time on an unproductive activity, they know that they are wasting their time. Rich people don’t spend too much time on social network or watching TV. They work 24 hours of 24 and don’t permit themselves to lose a single moment of their lives.

4. They spend less than what they earn

No matter how simple it sounds, this is one of the secrets of becoming rich: spend less than what you earn. Weak thinkers increase their expenditure as their income grows. They buy better cars and bigger houses, and they remain poor or middle class people. To become rich, follow the motto “save 10% of what you earn.” As Warren Buffet said, “Don’t save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after you save.” Work diligently on your budget and keep an account of your income and expenses.

5. They work hard

Except for persons who have inherited their fortune, there has never lived a single person who would have been lazy. Rich people work hard, and they work constantly. People who work hard can’t lag behind; they are always the best in their profession, whether they own or manage businesses or an office. These people are always much more capable than the majority of their coworkers.

6. They learn and grow continuously

The more you know the more you will earn. No matter how hard you work, if you work on your own you will never become rich. You have to offer value before you earn money, and the only way to add more value to what you offer is to raise your own value. This can be achieved by learning continuously. Decide to learn new things and develop abilities, and gain more and more experience every day.

7. They like to be around other rich people

Rich people don’t have poor friends. As the saying goes, “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.” Even though you may not have much money right now, as long as you are surrounded by rich people or those who have the potential to become rich, one day you will be rich too.

8. They are perseverant

Rich people never give up. About 90% of today’s rich people haven’t become rich as a result of thinking out and following their very first idea. They have tried, they failed, and they rose up again multiple times before the great breakthrough. You can lose much money in this process, but things will continue to evolve if you learn from your own mistakes and from your own experience; at the end, you will obtain the financial independence you desire.

9. They assume calculated risks

Rich people enjoy assuming risks. As soon as they decide what they want, they would give everything to obtain it; sometimes they even risk their own lives. If you want to become rich, don’t be afraid of taking risks. Be courageous but calculating at the same time. Think of how much each decision costs you, and never put all of your eggs in a single basket.

10. They are generous

Rich people are very generous. If you look at the lives of some rich people in the modern history, you will discover that many of them are true philanthropists, such as Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates or Carlos Slim. Make a habit of being generous today and you will become rich some day.