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Technology may replace many things except for love, affection and emotions

We live in an age when technology is part of our lives more than ever, and in many ways we have become dependent on it. A last generation cell phone, for example, supplies many of our communication needs, but it can’t replace love and affection.


In the featured video, the mother goes shopping and the father stays at home with their baby. The little one starts crying and becomes restless. For the young dad, this situation is a little unusual, and he doesn’t know what to do to calm down the baby. He calls his wife to ask for her help.

The mother gives him lots of good advice: to show the baby cartoons on the phone, or to start a video call so the little one can see the smiling face of the mother and hear her voice. But modern technology proves completely useless.

A little discouraged by seeing that nothing has worked so far, the father puts down the phone and, with shaking hands, he takes the baby into his arms. Their eyes meet and there is a moment of gentleness. As by miracle, the baby calms down and the father realizes how much of a treasure is the power of love.

This very special moment is seen by the mother via the video call. She is touched to tears, and she also realizes that the power of love can’t be replaced by anything.