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A teacher-driver who brings the love of reading to children

A teacher has built, all by himself, a library on wheels and he travels relentlessly from village to village in his region to encourage children’s reading habit.

Source: Corriere della Sera
Source: Corriere della Sera

Antonio La Cava is a retired teacher who spent 42 years in education. However, even after all those years, he feels the need to stay alongside children, and to guide their learning. This is the reason why Antonio has modified a three wheeled vehicle he had purchased back in 2003 in order to obtain a mobile library. The resulting vehicle even has a name, “Bibliomotocarro”, and it can accommodate 700 books on its shelves.

Every week, Antonio rides 500 kilometers with frequent stops in villages situated in the Basilicata region in south Italy. The teacher announces his arrival by a pleasant audio signal, and the children join him with an incredible enthusiasm, just as if he drove an ice cream truck – informs an article published in Corriere Della sera.

Disinterest in reading appears in schools where children are required to read, but they are not shown why they can love reading. This activity has to be a pleasure, not a duty, believes the Italian teacher.