Take a cushion and wrap it in a piece of cloth. The final result is very elegant

Cushions of different sizes dressed in colorful printed materials can make very stylish accessories. The video demonstrates that a decorative cushion can be dressed in an ingenious way, without using needle and thread.

Many of our ideas can be put into practice very easily, and the example shown in the video is quite fascinating. All you need to dress a medium-sized cushion is a little skill and a piece of colorful fabric three times wider than the cushion.

Lay the fabric on a flat surface. Fold in 10 cm of a corner; place the cushion as close to the corner as possible, and fold the corner of the material over the cushion. Rotate the pillow once, and then bring over the opposite corner of the material, making sure that the folding is on the center line of the cushion.

Finally, fold the remaining corners inward on each side, and then tie the two corners in the middle of the cushion. If you don’t want these corners to be visible, you can hide them behind the knot. The end result is remarkable, and it is an added advantage that you can change the material as desired.

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