Swan Goes Shopping

The bird waddled into the store and terrorized the shop assistant for an hour

Sophie Kershaw couldn’t believe her eyes when an unusual shopper turned up in her store. She was looking for something under the counter, and when she stood up, she saw a swan waddling in through the open door.

Sophie was watching incredulously for an hour as the bird was browsing among the isles. According to her recollection, the swan tried to open a few bags of chips, but when it wasn’t successful, it turned its attention to the chocolates. At one point it walked behind the counter, and tried to explain to Sophie what it wanted to buy.


The shop assistant slowly overcame her astonishment and summoned the courage to lead the bird out of the store. She used a chair, which she put in front of the swan, so it couldn’t go back. When Sophie managed to shoo out the swan, the bird started voicing it discontentment in front of the door. Finally the animal rescuers intervened, as they picked up the unusual shopper to move it to a safe place.

Later, Sophie confessed she felt the events very bizarre, and she was very afraid, too, because she had no idea what the swan’s reaction would be.

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