Supposedly dead and buried son turns up

A Polish couple took flowers to their son’s grave who has been supposed to be dead for two years. They had the shock of a lifetime when they saw who was standing by the grave.


The son, Jaroslaw Carolinski, left his home in 2011 “to find himself” – reports the British Metro newspaper.

In 2013 November the parents were notified by the police that Jaros’ body was found, and they need to identify it. A few days after the funeral the parents took flowers to the grave, when Jaroslaw showed up beside them. The son was there alive and well, and he told his parents he wanted to go home. His mother fainted right away, and the father had a shock. When the parents managed to collect themselves, they still could hardly believe their son was alive. Now the officials are busy trying to find out who was the man that got buried instead of Jaroslaw.

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