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In a street in Poland, a guitar player improvises a song – be prepared to be enchanted

Many times we hurry through streets, pressed by time and worries that we can’t solve our daily issues on time. Then, the sounds of guitar chords call our attention and we look towards the direction where these interesting sounds come from. What we see is a guitar player who performs a spontaneous-looking show with an incredible professionalism. He is the Polish guitar player Mariusz Goli.

guitar player

The artist’s improvisation has a hypnotizing effect. We are fascinated by the alternating sounds that come to life from under his fingers. You feel as if you were at a concert of acoustic guitars; the sole interpreter deserves way more appreciation than the coins thrown at his feet. Of course, success shouldn’t be measured with money. This artist is really worth to be listened at. He gives a huge lesson in street virtuosity.

Too bad that not everybody appreciates the talents of musicians who really feel the music they play. It is true that the tastes of people are different in music; however, we should care more for musicians who show their talent to the public in streets, and we should help them so we can listen to their performance in more suitable places.