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The strangest and cutest friendship ever

No matter what species they belong to, animals can often communicate among each other successfully, and when they manage to understand each other, they become friends for life. The main protagonists in the following video are a coffee-colored puppy and a spotted piglet who, as it turns out, can understand each other wonderfully.

The owners of these animals probably thought that these two can become friends due to their very young age if they are raised together. Even though in other circumstances they would have probably not become friends, in this case the dog and the piglet have become an inseparable pair. If you look carefully, you can even notice some similarities in the way the friends behave.

In the video, they are relaxing together on a comfortable dog bed, and we almost have the impression that they are actually brothers. After several minutes of rest, the piglet becomes eager to have some fun and tries to involve his friend in the play jumping over him. The puppy doesn’t feel like playing, and he keeps snoozing.

These two animals are lucky because they have found a good friend in each other, and it is likely that they are going to enjoy their friendship for a lifetime.

Best friends <3 <3

Best friends <3 <3
Credit: @kookieandkipper_minipigs

Közzétette: Go Animals – 2016. október 12.