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Stop keeping your mobile phone in your pocket – it’s a potentially life-threatening habit

The phone is an essential accessory in today’s society. Many people simply can’t do without a mobile, and they literally carry it around everywhere, the first and most obvious place of storage for it being in pockets, especially trouser pockets. However, according to experts, this is a very unhealthy habit, which may cause a number of diseases, as this device has a very negative impact on the functioning of the nervous system.

Source: Onejive.com
Source: Onejive.com

Nikolai Kononov, president of the Russian organization “League of Nation’s Health”, says that mobile phones influence the functioning of the nervous system, the endocrine system and the reproductive system as well.

The electromagnetic field has a harmful effect on the body; it may cause leukemia, cancer and various hormonal disturbances. The most vulnerable are children and pregnant women, which is why it is advisable that mothers-to-be reduce the use of mobile phone to a minimum during the time of their pregnancy.

“Everybody should use their phones with discretion, and only when they really need to, as almost seventy percent of the population faces the risks caused by mobile phones. Radiation is very harmful to the human body, but so far research has not showed clear results as to which are the most affected areas,” – said Nikolai Kononov.

According to experts, it is more dangerous to have five one-minute conversations one after the other than to talk for five consecutive minutes. Also, it is advisable to insert a break of at least 15 minutes between calls.

It is important to keep the phone well away from your body and head, and use a hands-free device. Never keep your phone in your pocket; you should rather put it in your bag to avoid its direct contact with your body.