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Steps of a perfect pedicure

To have not only a perfect manicure but also an adequate pedicure, you have to pay attention to some details.

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

What color do you choose?

The most stylish solution is to choose the same color you are wearing on your fingernails. You can use two different colors if you want, but at least you should make sure they match. For example, red fingernails don’t go well with blue toenails.

Soak your heels

A good pedicure starts at the heels, as they are predisposed to drying and accumulating layers of dead skin, which makes them hard, cracked and susceptible to infections. Soak your feet and then use pumice or an abrasive foot care tool to scrub your heels and remove dead cells.

Take care of your cuticles

Cuticles keep infections away; therefore you should take good care of them. Don’t cut and then press them back, because this will increase the risk of infections. Instead, soak them and clean them with a hydrating cream. If your cuticles are red and display signs of irritation, you should see a doctor.

Clean your nails thoroughly

Before applying the first layer of nail polish, make sure you have removed all previous nail polish residues, especially stronger colors such as red and purple. To avoid the yellowing of your nails, use an acetone-free solvent and then some lemon juice. Apply a layer of transparent nail strengthener, and then apply the nail polish.

Cut your nails properly

Between pedicure sessions, remember to cut your toenails and file them in a single direction.

Take a break from manicure and pedicure

It is recommended that you go back to natural from time to time. You shouldn’t use nail polish for at least a week each month in order to allow your nails to air and to hydrate, as nail polish doesn’t allow air and moisture to reach the nails.