Spread some liquid glue onto your old LP’s – here’s why

The advent of modern technology was the doom of traditional sound carriers. The now seemingly enormous black vinyl record has been replaced by smaller and more practical cassettes, followed by CDs. Today, everyone plays their favorite portable music player devices, so almost no one buys LP’s except for collectors.

Many of us, though, may still cherish memories of old times when we were listening to vinyl records, and we may still preserve these sound carriers, and occasionally use them to play golden hits.

Over time, of course, the quality of vinyl records may be affected; however, in the video below you can see a great practice, which not only cleans the record, but also improves the sound quality.

All that needs to be done is to spread some liquid glue onto the vinyl during rotation, and then smooth the glue down with a cardboard sheet. If you do this in the evening, by the time you wake up the next day, the glue dries. Then all you need to do is to gently lift the edges of the glue and peel off the whole layer.

When you play the record next time, you will notice a great improvement in the quality of the sound.

What a great idea for lovers of vinyl records!

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