A special little town where you probably would like to move right away. Look at the pictures and you will understand why!

Have you ever imagined to live in a city where there are no roads and, implicitly, no cars to create noise and pollution? Even if it sounds like a dream, you will be surprised to find that such a place actually exists in reality. The quiet and the clean air that the inhabitants of this town enjoy is envied by many.


Photo: Flickr.com

Giethoorn is a small town in the Netherlands where river canals and bicycle tracks have taken the place of the roads. Here you will never be disturbed by the noise of nightmare traffic, nor will you have to breathe in car fumes.

To get to the town, locals and tourists use boats. The specially designed alleys give one the opportunity to explore the beauty of this dream place on bicycle or by walking. The 2400 people who live in the roadless town say that they are very pleased with the life they are leading here.

Every day between 500 and 600 boats anchor in Giethoorn, and the construction of boats is the basic occupation of those who live here. Local authorities have built an impressive number of 167 bridges over the channels.

The happy residents of Giethoorn prove daily that a life without cars, asphalt and intense traffic can be extraordinary.

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