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Soy milk in beauty care

Soy milk can not only replace cow’s milk in our diet, but it also works as a natural miracle ingredient in skin care.

Source: kaige/Flickr.com
Source: kaige/Flickr.com

It hydrates skin

Soy milk not only nourishes skin from the inside, but we can also make our skin soft and fresh if we wipe it down with a cotton ball dipped in soy milk. Nowadays many body lotions and shower creams contain soy milk extract because of its hydrating and moisture preserving properties.

It protects against wrinkles

Soy milk slows down the aging process, as it enhances the production of collagen. Besides wiping down skin with a cotton ball dipped in soy milk, it’s worth using a cream containing soy milk as well.

A gentle peeler

Pale and saggy skin can be miraculously revived with the aid of soy milk peeling, which gently removes dead skin cells. Mix a small amount of olive oil, soy milk and brown sugar, and, with circular motions, spread the resulting dense cream on the skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes, and then wash it off.

It works against acne

Cow milk may cause acne, which can be avoided if we consume soy milk instead. Also, it is not a negligible fact that soy milk has a high mineral and vitamin content, which makes it help the growth of hair and nails.

It reduces the risk of skin cancer

Not only can soy milk somewhat reduce damage caused by UV-rays, but it also increases the amount of antioxidants and it reduces inflammation in the body.