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Sour cherry paleo cookies

This culinary creation is situated somewhere between confectionary and fine arts. Its best feature is that each time we bake these cookies, they will turn out different. They are not only delicious, but we can also play with them. The stripes will turn out different depending on the density of the two toppings: the denser one will become dominant in the final result. In the first photo, the coconut topping is denser; in the second one, the density of both toppings is approximately the same, so the result is more well-balanced.

Sour cherry paleo cookies

Ingredients for the base
200 g ground almonds
60 g coconut oil
2 tablespoons water

Ingredients for the coconut topping
4 dl Cocomas coconut cream
3-4 tablespoons maple syrup
1 package gel fix

Ingredients for the sour cherry topping
0.5 kg sour cherries
4-5 tablespoons maple syrup
20 g gelatin

Sour cherry paleo cookies2

1. Knead together the ingredients for the base; press the dough into a pie tin and bake it at 180 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit) for 15 minutes.

2. In the meantime, boil up the sour cherries with a little water. Add the maple sugar and the soaked gelatin, and boil it for another 1-2 minutes, and then turn the heat off. Puree the mixture and let it cool down.

3. When the base and the cherry topping have cooled down, whip up the Cocomas with the maple syrup and the gel fix.

4. Pour the two toppings into two jugs. And now comes the art, as shown below.

Let the cookies set for about three hours.