Someone just wanted to pay at the cashier’s when something incredible happened

This man pays for the customers’ products when they reach the cashier’s counter! Take a look at how people react to his kindness.

A little kindness, selfless assistance and good works are able to break down walls in ways one would never have imagined. In the video below you can see a man who pays for products bought by others at the cash register.

The expressions of the surprised shoppers are a joy to watch. Food costs more year by year in the whole world. In the US, a family of four spends an average of 400-800 dollars on food per month, including only the most essential items.

Our hero strives to help people who are struggling with financial problems. The faces of these people show the shock, but gratitude as well. These are the moments when one can realize what joy it is to give to others.

People who are better-off would do well to help those in need, and there are a thousand ways to bring joy to others.
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