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Some of the best tricks for using aluminum foil in the household

Every kitchen features a roll of aluminum foil, but there are some uses of this household item that are not commonly known. The video below presents some of these more unique uses, and the results are really impressive. Whether we use aluminum foil for wrapping food or for cooking, it will solve a lot of problems, and will prove a good ally in every household.

Photo:Emilian Robert Vicol/Flickr.com

Do you have several slices of pizza left after a dinner and you would like to store these in a way so they can preserve the fresh taste? Nothing simpler. Wrap the leftovers in aluminum foil and freeze them. When you feel like eating pizza again, place the wrapped slices in the oven and bake them at 220° C for 10–15 minutes.

If you don’t have a scouring pad at hand, you may opt for the following solution: crumple a piece of aluminum foil and use it to scour off stubborn impurities from your dishes.

An old picture frame will look like new if you apply aluminum foil on it. If you wish, you can even paint the foil gold.

Place a piece of aluminum foil onto your iron and cover it with a mesh bag. This way the iron will slide much easier and the clothes will be ironed on both sides at the same time.

Of course listing all the tricks that use aluminum foil doesn’t stop here. If you know about some unusual uses of aluminum foil, please share it with us here.