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Sole water should be taken every day, is life itself!

Sole water is not a new health fad, but the most important food source for the human body. Consumption of salty water is not a novel idea – it has been used as medicine for centuries in different cultures of the world. There are many anecdotes about its benefits, and scientific research has also demonstrated its efficacy.

Sole water is nothing more than a saturated solution of pure salt crystals and purified water; its daily consumption gives incredible energy to the body. This fluid, which should be taken every day, is life itself.

The mixture of salt and water called Sole is the lifeblood liquid of every form of life, and the most useful physical manifestation of pure light and solar energy. The word comes from the Latin Sol, meaning Sun. Sole means liquid sunshine or solar energy.

Sole water should be taken every day, is life itself!
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What is Sole water good for?

Pure natural unrefined salt contains more than 80 minerals necessary for the body.

What happens when filtered water is added to salt, which is beneficial anyway?

The positive ions in the salt surround the negative ions in the water molecules, and vice versa. When the salt and water are mixed, a new “dimension” is created. The water and salt molecules break up to form a new structure. The result is salt water, and salt and water cease to exist by themselves. This new structure has an electrical charge, which is picked up by the body very easily.

The new crystal structure of Sole water is so strong that it keeps its vibration pattern in the body for 24 hours. The solution of crystal salts provides the body with natural energy, and the body is able to retain this energy up to 24 hours.

Sole water should be taken every day, is life itself!
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Water hydrates only if taken with salt

If you drink a lot of water with no salt, you upset the body’s metabolism. The reason is, the cells are only able to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins if the water has a certain concentration of minerals and electrolytes as well. Electrolytes are compounds which are electrically conductive in a dissolved state, salt being an electrolyte itself.

When you drink lots of plain water, your body isn’t hydrated properly. If, however, you add minerals found in salt to the drinking water, the body will be able to absorb the water and metabolise the minerals. Water without salt quickly passes through the body; salt will slow down this process and both the water and the minerals will be retained.

What are the benefits of Sole water?

• helps digestion and increases nutrient absorption in the body
• increases energy levels
• helps with sleep
• assists detoxification
• provides a beautiful and healthy skin
• reduces blood sugar levels
• reduces muscle spasms
• regulates blood pressure
• helps to have healthy veins
• promotes weight loss
• restores the acid-base balance in the body
• helps to remove heavy metals from the body
• helps recover from illness due to the fact that it provides a vibration absent from the patient’s body

Sole water should be taken every day, is life itself!
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How to make sole water?

Fill a quarter of a jar with unrefined salt. You can use unrefined Himalayan salt, sea salt, or salt from any salt mine. The point is not to use refined table salt available in stores, as during the refining process it loses its natural content of minerals, and sometimes it can even be contaminated with harmful additives. You can use very large salt crystals, as long as they are unrefined.

Fill the remaining space in the jar with purified water. Good quality purified water is crucial for Sole water. Allow the solution to rest for 24 hours.

It is of key importance to obtain a fully saturated saline solution; if all the salt has dissolved, we need to add more. When some crystals settle at the bottom of the glass and are not dissolved, the water is saturated and it can’t absorb more salt. When this happens, Sole water is ready.

Sole water has unlimited shelf life, and it doesn’t require any special storage conditions. When the solution runs out, simply add more salt and water.

Sole water should be taken every day, is life itself!
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How to use Sole water

Every morning, add a teaspoon of Sole water to a glass of lukewarm water and drink it on an empty stomach.
Make sure that Sole water doesn’t get in contact with metal. The spoon you use and the lid of the jar mustn’t be made of metal; If the water contacts a metal object, the positive electric charge is lost.
Enjoy Sole water on a daily basis along with its benefits. Do not forget use filtered water!