Sixty girls occupy their spot on the scene of Britain’s Got Talent. Their performance is astonishing

It is great to have the opportunity to listen to a wonderful choir with perfectly harmonizing voices. Most times choirs perform at musical competitions or at educational institutes, but the girls’ choir shown in the video wanted to be seen by a whole country, so they participated at Britain’s Got Talent.

The vocal group called The Presentations School Choir is made up from 60 girls who study at a high school in Kilkenny, Ireland. The choir is conducted by the music teacher Veronica McCarron. The girls manage to make the members of the jury speechless when they interpret the famous piece “Ave Maria”.

As they are a step away from the grand finale of the show, the singers in the choir all strive to do their best possible. Representing their school with their impeccable uniforms, with a big smile on their faces, the girls perform extraordinarily. They don’t even forget to include a beautiful visual element into their performance: at a point they hold up LED candles, creating an incredible visual effect.

Veronica McCarron was prouder than ever of her talented girls who contributed to the show with such a quality performance.

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