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Six unconventional uses of garlic you didn’t know before!

Garlic is not only good food, but it can also be used as a very efficient medicine.

Let’s see what garlic can help you with:

1. Get rid of pimples

Garlic is an ingredient commonly used in the preparation of cosmetic masks and facial lotions. Garlic juice supports the healing of acne, and can be applied directly to the affected areas.

2. Cure fungal infections

Garlic has strong antifungal properties. To cure fungal infections of the skin, you can use it either in a topical wash or in ointment. For a topical wash, add 10 cloves of garlic in a quart of warm water. To make ointment, mix chopped and crushed garlic with olive oil at 1:1 ratio.

3. Remedy for toothaches

Place a clove of garlic between your gums and the skin near the hurting tooth, and the pain will quickly subside.

4. Remove a splinter from under your skin

Splinters can be removed easily if you apply chopped or finely crushed garlic onto the affected area and then wrap up with a sterile bandage. You can remove the bandage and the splinter after an hour.

Six unconventional uses of garlic you didn't know before!
Photo: Hafiz Issadeen/Flickr.com

5. Repair a cracked window

Rub garlic juice over window cracks to prevent their expansion.

6. Treat colds and viral diseases and strengthen the immune system

Chinese medicine uses white garlic for strengthening, toning and regenerating the whole body. In the morning after you wake up, take a clove of garlic in your mouth and keep it there for as long as possible without chewing or swallowing it. The nutrients in the garlic mix with saliva, and they are quickly absorbed into the blood and lymph vessels. In addition, garlic strengthens oral health and prevents the bleeding of the gums. After you spit out the clove, brush your teeth as usual. If the odor persists, chew a coffee bean or some parsley and drink a few sips of milk.

What are the health benefits raw garlic?

  • Cleansed blood
  • An increased appetite
  • Protection against colds and flu
  • Increased immunity
  • Faster healing of anemia
  • Healing of chronic bronchitis
  • Increased immunity
  • Faster healing of the kidneys and the bladder