The simplest trick to make a knot on a tie in less than 10 seconds!

A man’s elegant or office style outfit always involves putting on a compulsory accessory – the tie. The trick presented in the video is a very simple and very efficient way to make a knot on a tie in a record short time.

To start, place the tie on your left hand so that the narrower end hangs down longer than the wider end. The next step is to roll the narrow part of the tie around your hand two times, so the two ends of the tie become equal in length. Now, pull down the rolled-up part of the tie making sure to hold it tight so the loop doesn’t get undone.

Hold the tie with your left hand and pull the loop with your right hand. Push the ends of the tie through the loop and tighten the loop easily. Surprisingly, the tie now has ended up having a nice knot, and it’s ready to be put on. Using this trick, even a beginner can be ready in record time, and he will have an impeccable knot on his tie.

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