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The significance of dreams that may foretell sickness and death

All of us have strange dreams from time to time, and we try to find an explanation to them. According to bewoman.ro, there are dreams that are believed to foretell sickness, bad news and death. A nightmare you may have is that you will die. Actually, according to some, such a dream means a change for good.

The significance of dreams that may foretell sickness and death

It is possible that dreams are a result of daytime stress, activities performed during the day or something you have heard about or read before bedtime. According to bewoman.ro, there exist dreams that foretell tragic events, too.

Dreams that foretell sickness

According to popular belief, dreams that foretell the sickness of you or somebody beloved are: decaying teeth, blood and spoiled food. If you dream about walking around wearing torn or tight clothes, you are going to have a short disease. If your hair turns grey in your dream, it also foretells some disease you will suffer from in the near future. A cause for concern may be if you dream about a blind man – such a dream may announce that a person you love is ill. If a ticking clock appears in your dream, this also signifies sickness.

Dreams that foretell death

Some dreams signal the loss of a beloved person. If you dream about a black veil or scarf, a close relative will die. If you dream about losing a tooth or a person without teeth, a relative of yours is going to become severely ill and is going to die. The most terrible dreams that predict death are about owls and screeching. If you sort mushrooms in a dream or someone shows you mushrooms, you are going to lose someone dear.

The significance of dreams that may foretell sickness and death

Dreams that foretell bad news

Some dreams may signal the receipt of bad news. If you hear the voice of a deceased relative in your dream, you may expect to receive bad news. Other dreams that foretell bad news are puddles and mud, especially if you get in physical contact with these. Dreaming about kitchen insects also predict bad news. Dreaming about hair falling out also signals that something bad is about to happen. Finally, if you dream about a smell, taste or touch, your dream will become true.