The sick wife sheds tears when she receives the most beautiful gift ever from her husband

While meeting parents at a Liverpool shopping centre, Carl Gilbertson promised something to his wife Laura. The woman thought he was pulling her leg and forgot about the promise in seconds. She would have never thought in her life that her husband was serious.

The sick wife sheds tears when she receives the most beautiful gift ever from her husband

For their 10th wedding anniversary, Carl prepared a huge surprise. The husband expressed his gratitude to his wife for the past 10 years spent together by organizing a flash mob with the aid of the members of Liverpool Media Academy. The song he chose was “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars, a song that told everything the husband wanted to let his wife know: how much he admires Laura’s strength and courage in the way she endures her grave illness.

Laura is confined to a wheelchair, and Carl admires how bravely she fights sclerosis multiplex. He said that he found the song perfect to let her know that no matter what happens, he will always love her the way she is, and she will always be perfect in his eyes.

Laura’s reaction was the most honest and touching a husband can ever expect. Her tears showed how deeply she was touched by her husband’s confession. She probably always knew that she could count on her husband, but it was clearly very moving for her to see such a proof of her husband’s endless love.

The spokesperson of the company called Synodic Productions, which recorded the event, said that it was a wonderful experience for them to be part of such special moments in the company of two people who love each other so deeply. You can’t help being touched by the video for sure.

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