When this shy contestant stops singing, Heidi Klum’s gesture amazes everyone!

Angelina Green, a 13-year-old girl from Miami, Florida, has proved to the jury at America’s Got Talent that she has an outstanding voice talent. Visibly excited, the girl steps on and had a brief conversation with jury members about her infinite passion for music.

When this shy contestant stops singing, Heidi Klum's gesture amazes everyone!

Photo: Capture YouTube

Angelina interprets The Pretenders song, “I’ll Stand By You”. Her warm and expressive voice manages to charm all those present, and at the end the whole audience rises to applaud her.

The extraordinary voice of this girl gives the musical piece a distinct note of originality. Angelina’s mother is experiencing the same strong emotions, supporting her silently, knowing that music has been the love ofher little girl from the earliest age. When for some reason Angels’ parents broke up, it was music that helped her to overcome the unfortunate moment.

The jury members are speechless to hear such a beautiful voice, Heidi Klum decides to give the chance to the girl to go straight to the semifinal of the contest. Emotions simply overwhelm the beautiful child endowed with an angelic voice, especially when her mother and Heidi step on the stage to embrace her.

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