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She’s been on a banana diet for 12 days – with shocking results

Yulia and her husband had eaten a lot of raw fruit and vegetable diet before, along with other types of food with low fat content. So when she decided to try a banana diet, this didn’t mean a radical change for her.


According to her, she decided on this diet because bananas are easy to digest, they are rich in nutrients, they are available any time, and they don’t cost much. Celery is the most suitable vegetable to accompany the banana diet.

The cure lasted for 12 days. Yulia didn’t do anything special; she drank lots of water, exercised, and had plenty of sleep. After 12 days, she was starting to feel the positive effects of diet, both physically and mentally.
Right from the beginning of the diet, she found that her metabolism and intestinal function have improved. This is not surprising, as bananas are rich fiber, so they boost the digestive process and induce the excretion of toxins. In addition, she felt calmer and more emotionally balanced, and her creativity has improved as well.
She confessed that she was able to think better, her head was clearer, and her concentration increased as well. This is due to tryptophan and potassium in the banana, which regulate the oxygen supply of the brain. Yulia was full of energy, her fitness workout went better, and her skin became softer and brighter. She got rid of problems such as a fungal infection, binge attacks, emotional swings and high blood sugar.