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Shen Men, a secret centre of energy found at the level of your ears

Many of us are familiar with reflexology, a science according to which the systems of the entire body are represented by energy centres in the upper and lower limbs. Auriculotherapy is much like reflexology. The difference is that the first uses of acupuncture date back to the ancient China, whereas auriculoteraphy is a modern invention, and it is based on the work of Dr. Paul Nogier in France.


During the 1950’s, Dr. Nogier found that by stimulating the ear or by using acupuncture needles, the entire body and all the organs can be affected in a positive way. In the vision of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the auricle can be compared to an inverted fetus, the head being the lower lobe of the ear, the feet being the top of the external ear, and the rest of the body being located between the top and the bottom.

In a medical program recently broadcast on the Russian national television, Mark Sandomirsky, a doctor specializing in psychiatry advises his patients to relieve stress by using this miraculous technique.

Sources of stress vary from person to person, and each of us reacts to stress in different ways. Once a stressful situation occurs, most of us are struggle with a feeling of discomfort and a mild form of anxiety, followed by a feeling of depression or even pain in certain parts of the body. The first step that each of us can do to relieve stress is the release of negative emotions. Therefore, it is very important not to suppress emotions. The next step is to eliminate the physical effects caused by stress. This is the stage in which reflexology is very efficient. Our body has certain anti-stress points and all you should do is to massage these secret points.

Shen Men, or “Heaven’s Gate”, as named and described by the ancient Chinese medicine, is located in the center of the upper third of your ear. Shen Men is an anti-stress centre; massaging it reduces stress considerably, increases energy flow and improves the overall health of the body. Also, acupressure applied on this centre may reduce inflammation and relieve pain in almost every part of the body.

Dr. Sandomirsky advises:

Use a cotton swab to gently massage the Shen Men center. Breathe deeply. Continue to breathe deeply. When you inhale, look to the left and when you exhale, look to the right. Soon, you will find that your body will become relaxed.

Additional tips: Massage this point with your fingers. Rub it whenever you are stressed. You can also apply this technique every evening before going to bed for a better sleep.