She was bullied throughout her life because of her looks – until she amazed everybody

The story of this young woman is incredible because of the determination and strength she proved to possess. She had the fortune to meet people who believed in her and guided her on her journey, so that she never gave up on her dream of achieving a normal weight and a healthy lifestyle.

She was bullied throughout her life because of her looks - until she amazed everybody

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From the time when she was a child, Tracy Ryan had to learn to ignore all the bad things that people said about her. Because their words hurt so badly, she did not want to feel this pain forever. However, she became accustomed to being overweight all her life, and overeating has become her only escape from the real world. She pretended to be happy, but she could not fool herself.

She felt stronger and stronger that it was time for a change, but she did not know where to start, so she asked for the help of a specialist. Even though she was a little afraid, she felt that it was a wise decision. Gradually, she learned to think positively and to wish more and more to reach her goal of losing weight.

As much as it hurt, the young woman never gave up until she finally started feeling good in her body, and became able to do new things that she could never experience before. She exercised daily, playing tennis and climbing steep rocks, and soon she found herself participate in marathon racing activities, which she was now able to complete.

Every day her face radiated with happiness, as she was able to reach remarkable results in becoming fit. The images speak for themselves!

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