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She starts to dance, but when you see what that dog does, you won’t believe your eyes!

If there are dance competitions for talented people, why couldn’t be such competitions organized for dogs with dancing talent? The contest entitled “Eurasia Freestyle Dog Show” held in Moscow is just one of these, and the protagonist of this video proves to be a high class dancer.

Photo: Capture YouTube
Photo: Capture YouTube

Communication between a dog and his master sometimes goes beyond words; using only gestures and glances can have remarkable results. Looking at the video, you can easily notice how easily these two protagonists understand each other during their very special dance.

At the beginning of the routine the young woman starts to dance imitating the mechanical movements of a doll, and in a few moments the dog enters the game of movement and dance with an amazing ease. The dog promptly replies to the signals of the mistress.

It’s amazing how faithfully the dog can imitate his mistress’ dance steps, and the synchronization of their dance is more than successful. The harmony and expressiveness throughout their performance made the delight of the audience and the jury, who really appreciated this impressive performance.