She rinsed her hair with two bottles of Coke – the results were absolutely surprising

A young girl decided to test the properties of one of the world’s favorite drinks for an unusual purpose. During the experiment she rinsed her hair only with Coke. Let’s take a look at the results!

After having heard so many negative facts about Coke, it may be difficult for us to believe that this soft drink can play an important role in beauty care. But the video demonstrates how healthy and beautiful the girl’s hair has become after the treatment.

This hair care trick is not only cheap, but also very effective. It’s worth to give it a try, especially if your hair strands are split and deteriorated. Lean over a bowl with your hair reaching in, and pour two half-liter bottles of Coke on your hair, rubbing it in well. Use a towel to absorb the excess amount and then dry your hair as usual.

After the treatment, your hair will be shiny and full of vitality.

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