She needs a beauty session urgently. The end result? She finds it hard to believe.

There comes a time in life when one wants a change, and the professionalism of an entire team of skilled people can make a dream turn into reality. “Ambush Makeovers” is a television show that demonstrates how a person can be made beautiful thanks to a new hairstyle, professional makeup and a flattering outfit. The results are much more spectacular than ever expected.



Each member of the team of stylists knew perfectly what to do for the two ladies who had been selected to participate in this show to undergo through the transformation of their lives. It was really a wonderful gift they didn’t expect to receive.

The lucky ladies were taken care of by several stylists who know their job very well, and who did their best to make them beautiful. Hair, makeup and clothing were chosen so as to perfectly reveal the participants’ personality.

The families of the two ladies had a huge surprise when they saw the women for the first time since their genuine transformation. They were almost unrecognizable!

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