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She had her leg amputated so she can wear heels

Mariah Serrano was born with a clubfoot. Her dream was to become a model, but because of her leg she didn’t have a chance. Finally, she made a big decision.

Photo: Facebook/MariaSerrano
Photo: Facebook/MariaSerrano

The 21 year old New York woman could never wear high heels because of the shape of her leg. She had always been jealous of healthy girls, and she could never achieve her dream to work in the fashion industry, for which being able to wear heels would have been indispensable.

‘When I was told I would never been able to wear heels and I should give up my dream, I was devastated’, told Mariah, who used to be certain that there was no solution to her problem. However, in 2009 her attention was brought to an unexpected possibility: she was told she could have her leg amputated and a prosthetic leg could be fitted. ‘Mom got very scared, but I didn’t reject the idea at once’. Maria started to get used to the thought, and finally she realized that a nicely molded prosthetic leg could be discreet and pretty. She decided to undergo the rather brutal surgical procedure. ‘A woman would do everything for her beauty’, quotes her the mirror.co.uk.

Photo: Facebook/MariaSerrano
Photo: Facebook/MariaSerrano
Photo: Facebook/MariaSerrano
Photo: Facebook/MariaSerrano

The surgery was successful, but the recovery wasn’t. The stump took a long time to heal, and the process became a real nightmare. ‘I couldn’t go anywhere, but I didn’t want my friends to visit me either. It was very difficult.’ The first gift she received after her recovery was a pair of high heeled shoes. When she put them on, she knew at once she had made the right decision.

She had a hard time learning to walk, but every step was worth the effort. After her recovery, her dream came true as well. She didn’t become a model, but instead now she works as a media manager at the high end Betsey Johnson fashion company. ‘I’ve never felt being so attractive. Having my leg amputated was the most difficult decision I’ve made. When I wake up, I sometimes still look for my leg. Sometimes I jump off the bed and I fall down. I am still not used to it.’ Despite all these, Mariah is finally happy and she considers that her life has become perfect.