She got onto the subway. In a few minutes, she ran away screaming

Nowadays it’s not unusual to encounter candid camera tricks, practical jokes and hoaxes, and the reactions of the people who are fooled can be really funny. However, there are also those who use truly horrific ideas to trick unsuspecting victims.

Source: Capture YouTube

Source: Capture YouTube

The Brazilian candid camera videos, which have become famous these days, are mostly about scaring passers-by. We have already seen the ghost-girl screaming in the elevator and the dead falling out from the casket, but it seems that they just can’t stop coming up with hair-rising ideas.

Silvio Santos decided to surprise subway passengers with zombies on April 1st this year. A whole crew, cameramen, actors and makeup artists were hired to create panic in the subway.

Everybody should decide for themselves whether this was funny, or what the opinion of the passengers could have been, especially that of the lady who seems to have fainted at the end of the video.

How frightened would you have been?

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