She became a great-grandmother at 28

Kelly Baker, 28, married her 68 year old partner, Bob, in 2010. With the marriage, she also became stepmother to three children and grandmother to nine grandchildren, out of whom the oldest is only three years younger than Kelly. Five months ago, Kelly and Bob’s first great-grandchild was born, thus making the British woman the world’s youngest great-grandmother.


Kelly was only 21 when she met Bob, but the elderly man dared to invite her to a date only three years later. Because of the large age gap, both Kelly’s and Bob’s family and friends warned them they shouldn’t have a relationship, but they stayed faithful to each other. During the following years, however, everybody had accepted their relationship, and now Kelly is regarded as part of Bob’s family.

Because of his age, the young woman’s husband resigned to having more children, but he feels he has been recompensed by the birth of his great-grandchild. The woman herself says she couldn’t be happier.

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