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She approaches a herd of elephants on a tricycle. The reaction of the animals is very endearing

Elephant Nature Park is a wonderful animal shelter in North Thailand, where dozens of elephants have been granted a chance for a better life. The huge animals are cared for with lots of attention and love, and they enjoy a carefree living. They are protected from hunters and other threats that would endanger their lives, and the elephants are living here in freedom and happiness.

Lek is the name of one of the caregivers. She has developed a special bond with Faamai, a female that she raised from a young age. One day the woman approached the herd of elephants, and the reaction of the huge animals left speechless many of those who watched the scene.

Without thinking for a moment, the elephants stood in a line and followed the woman. Faamai was in the front and she wanted to be petted by the person who was beside her during the first days of her life.

As she gets off the tricycle, Lek is overwhelmed by the gestures of affection of her good friend. Lek has limitless trust in Faamai, and she is assured that the elephants would never hurt her. The play of the two is adorable and shows the special bond between them.