It seemed like an ordinary dining room table until opened up

Over time, pieces of furniture have changed radically, gradually becoming more and more functional. For a unique design, and especially for an enhanced space saving design, DBFletcher, a luxury furniture manufacturer in the UK, built a piece of furniture with a complex mechanism made ​​of anodized aluminum and stainless steel.


This piece transforms from a medium-sized round table into one by which many more guests can be accommodated. This innovation is called “Fletcher Capstan Table”.

Brilliant ideas surprise us every time and if they can be put into practice, this means a big win for humanity. A table that can turn into a much larger one by simply handling a mechanism is everything we want when our doorstep is passed by a number of unexpected guests.

All you have to do is move a handle, which will move down the table edge. Then, by clockwise rotation, you will be surprised as components of appreciable size start sliding up and a differently shaped piece of furniture is formed. The table returns to its original shape by turning it counterclockwise. What a fantastic invention!

“Fletcher Capstan Table” is distinguished by creative style, it is functional and very suitable in every living space, be it a restaurant, a kitchen, a living room, or a garden.

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