After seeing these ingenious ideas, you will never pack your luggage the same way

There are many things to consider when determining what to pack in a suitcase, depending on the type and duration of the upcoming journey, the itinerary, the weather, and the size and weight limits imposed by the means of transport.

Modern lifestyle expert Erika Katz, offers us some ideas that make it possible to take with us as many necessary things as possible, and even if they are tightly packed and become wrinkled, ironing will not be a problem.

To make a better use of the available space, pack your socks inside your shoes, and pack shoes in shower caps. If we cram many clothes in the suitcase, when we take them out once arrived at the destination they will be really wrinkled. But if we place them on hangers in the bathroom and turn on the hot water in the shower, the steam will work like an iron, and the clothes will turn impeccably smooth.

A case for glasses can be the perfect container for different cables and chargers. Bathing suits should be placed in a Ziploc bag, especially when they are wet after the last bath in the sea. Erika Katz also has some great ideas for packing her makeup. Even jewelry can be packed in a thin plastic tube.

If you have not figured out so far how to take liquids through the security gate, she offers an idea on how to make this possible. Place a bottle of frozen water in your hand bag to ensure you have a minimum amount of drinking water on the plane.

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